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50 Frugal Living Tips For Thrifty Moms

Make some small changes and save a lot of money with these frugal living tips for thrifty moms. 50 ways to save money and stay on track financially.


Lets face it running a household and raising kids can be expensive especially if you are a stay at home mom like me.With three kids at home I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money. Sometimes just making a few small changes can make a huge difference.

These awesome frugal living tips are great for moms looking to save on expenses and put a little by each month.


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The Best Frugal Living Tips For Moms


  • Keeping up on household maintenance will keep things in good working order, prevent them from breaking, and save you a ton of money on repairs.
  • Buy items that you use a lot of in bulk. This works out much cheaper per item.
  • Order your bulk items through Amazon Prime so they are delivered right to your door.
  • You can also take advantage of Amazons subscribe and save offer. You and order the items you use regularly to be delivered monthly and get a discount on those items.
  • Give yourself a budget for holiday gifts and stick to it. Saving a little each week towards Christmas will ensure you don’t have to find a huge amount of cash at the end of the week.
  • Switch to energy saving light bulbs. It may seem like a really small thing but it does make a difference to your electricity bill.
  • Only do laundry when you have a full load. This will save on electricity and water.
  • While you’re saving electricity try to avoid using a dryer and hang out your laundry or use a drying rack.
  • Where you can swop brand goods for generic products. A lot of the generic items are just as good as the branded items.
  • If you have baby then cloth diapers are cheaper than disposables and are so much better for the environment.


frugal living tips for thrifty moms



  • Plan your meals. Planning meals for the week will save you money as you won’t be as tempted to eat out or get a takeaway. You can buy sale items in advance and plan what you will be eating around those.
  • If you want to eat out then look out for restaurants where kids eat free.
  • If you going somewhere that isn’t too far try walking instead of taking the car. As well as getting more exercise you won’t waste any gas.
  • Only go shopping when you need to buy something. If you just go for the sake of it because you are bored then you will buy stuff you don’t need and waste money.
  • Set a grocery budget for yourself and try to stick to it.
  • Keep an eye out for sales when buying clothing and items for the house.
  • To save paying for babysitters why not join forces with a mom you trust and take turns babysitting for each other.
  • Take any hand-me-downs you are offered for the kids. Clothes, toys, whatever it is take it. saying yes to used items that are in good condition will save you a lot of money. 
  • To save money on gas start a car pool with friends so you can take turns doing the school run.
  • Cancel your cable and go with a streaming service. These are so much cheaper and huge choice of shows and movies.


  • Meat is one of the most expensive food items. Try having a meat free night once a week.
  • Consider switching your cell phone provider. The chances are there is a cheaper deal out there.
  • Save all of your loose change and the coins you find down the back of the sofa in a mason jar.
  • Only throw a big birthday party for the kids every other year and make the other one a small family gathering. This one is especially helpful if you have several kids.
  • Keep track of your saving and spending in a journal or planner. This is a really good way to monitor how much you are spending and what you are spending it on.
  • Avoid shopping at smaller convenience stores if you can. They are always more expensive.
  • Take a shopping list to the store with you as this helps to ensure that you only buy what you really need.
  • Shop for next years clothing in this years sale. Just remember to get a bigger size for the kids.
  • Join your local library and rent books for free.
  • Take advantage of free activities for the kids. See what your local park and library has to offer.


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  • Sell your kids old clothes, toys, and books online, just make sure they are in good condition. You can then use the money you make to buy the new stuff they need.
  • To save on diapers try to potty train as early as possible.
  • If you eat lunch out try saving money by packing your own.
  • If you are a new mom breastfeeding is a much cheaper way of feeding your baby if you can manage it.
  • If you go out for the day with the kids take snacks and drinks with you. The kids will love a picnic.
  • Remember that your little ones don’t always need expensive toys. Toddlers especially are happy to play with anything.
  • Use coupons with your weekly shop. the savings soon add up.
  • Avoid buying processed and convenience foods. Convenience costs more, it is much cheaper to make your own from scratch.
  • Unsubscribe to all of those promotional emails. They just tempt you to spend.
  • Don’t throw anything out (within reason obviously). Leftover food can be kept for the next day, household items can be reused and repurposed, and plastic pots can be used for arts and crafts.



  • Avoid carrying cash with you. Its much easier to spend without thinking.
  • If you are pregnant buy a crib that will convert into a bed. This will save you having to buy another item when the time to switch comes.
  • On the subject of babies, making your own baby food is much cheaper. Find out how here.
  • Baby classes can be expensive. Check out your local community center or try an online class like this prenatal class or this breastfeeding class. Online classes are super affordable and can be done at a time that suits you.
  • Cancel that gym membership. You can walk, run, and play sports outside for free.
  • Try to commit to saving a set amount of money every month. Do this first, as soon as you get paid then you won’t be tempted to spend it.
  • Shop around for energy suppliers to get the best deal you can.
  • Using homemade cleaning products is much cheaper than buying branded products.
  • Use rags for cleaning and mopping up spills instead of disposable paper towels.
  • Make a list of what you consider to be luxuries and see what you could do without. Do you really need that manicure every week?


So there you go! 50 ways to save money. Do you have any frugal living tips to share?


50 Frugal Living Tips For Thrifty Moms


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