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12 Practical Tips For First Time Moms

Becoming a mom for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. These super helpful tips for first time moms will help to make your life a bit easier.


Being A New Mom Is Tough

Becoming a mom for the first time is a truly wonderful experience. It can also be a very scary and overwhelming time. There are so many decisions to make, so many options, and so much advice. It can all get a little too much.
If you are about to become a new mom you need to try and not let all the information that’s out there confuse you. Here are some practical tips for first time moms to help you take a step back, keep the stress to minimum and avoid overwhelm.
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Tips For First Time Moms

Expect The First Few Days To Be Overwhelming – Its probably going to be hectic when you bring your newborn home. There’s a lot to get used to and you may not get an awful lot of sleep. Try to rest when you can, and don’t be afraid to limit visitors in the first couple of days.
You will need time to adjust and people should be understanding of that. Try to keep your stress levels down and let Dad give you a break every so often.
Be Prepared For Overnight Bedding Changes –  I wish I had known this tip when I was a first time mom. Put 2 layers of bedding on your baby’s crib before bedtime. If there are any accidents overnight, all you need to do is take off one layer and put baby on the 2nd clean layer. Don’t forget that you will need 2 waterproof sheets for this trick to work.

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Stock Up On Moisturiser – Due to hormone changes your skin may be incredibly dry. Stock up on cream to keep your skin moisturised.
Try Mimicking The Womb – When your baby is fussy and needs soothing, mimicking the womb can be very affective. Swaddling will make your baby feel enclosed and gently swaying baby will mimick the movement.

tips for first time moms


Get Your Baby Used To Noise – When your baby is sleeping don’t creep around being as quiet as possible. Baby will soon need the silence to be able to sleep and of course that’s impossible.
Instead try to go about your normal daily activities and your baby will soon get used to background noise as they sleep. Then you won’t have to worry about someone knocking at the door, or the phone ringing while baby is sleeping.
Let Your Baby Lead The Way – People will give you all sorts of advice. When to feed, when to put your baby down for the night. Yes, these people are only trying to help but listen to your baby. They will tell you when they are hungry, and when they are tired. Advice is great but ultimately you and your baby know what’s best.
Always Be Prepared For Outings – Whenever you leave the house with your baby always make sure you have plenty of supplies with you. Pack extra clothes, diapers, wipes, muslin cloths, and everything else you might need while you are out.
Expect To Be Feeding A Lot – Babies eat little and often at first. Get plenty of rest while baby is asleep. Download your favourite music, a good box set, or some guided meditations to pass the time while you feed your baby. Anything that helps you to relax.
If you are breastfeeding expect to get sore nipples at first. 
Try Not To Panic – If you panic every time your baby spits up or seems to be having too many or too few bowels then your baby will pick up on that. 
Don’t waste these precious first months with you baby worrying over every tiny thing. If you are concerned then ask your doctor for advice. But try to keep calm.
tips for first time moms

Have Plenty Of Meals In The Freezer – This will come in very handy for the first few days after you bring baby home. You will be recovering and wanting to spend as much time as possible with your baby.
It’s also a good idea to keep this habit up as the months go on, for times when baby is fussing or unwell and you need to be with them and not in the kitchen.
Use Your Support Network – You know who your people are. The family members and close friends that you can ring at any time and they will be there for you. 
Make good use of these people. They probably won’t have all the answers, but they will listen and that makes such a difference. Being a new Mom is overwhelming and knowing you are not alone is a huge comfort.
Don’t Feel Bad – Do not let other people make you feel bad about decisions you make for about your baby’s care. Breast or bottle, cloth or disposable? At the end of the day the decision is yours and you will know what is best for your baby.
Just because your mom or your friend did things a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing. If your baby is happy and well nourished then don’t let anyone tell you that your decisions are bad ones. You are the mom and you know what works for you and your baby.

Being a mom can be overwhelming but these tips for first time moms can help things go a little smoother so you can enjoy your time with your baby.


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tips for first time moms



Practical Tips For First Time Moms

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