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30 Unique Names For A Baby Boy

30 of the most unique names for a baby boy and what they mean.


Choosing the perfect baby name is difficult. There are so many names out there, so it can be tricky to find one that is original and fitting. If you’re looking for a unique baby boy name that stands out from the crowd, check out this list of 30 unique names for a baby boy.


You may want to think about the popularity of the name you choose and if the uniqueness of the name is important to you.


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Here are 40 unique baby boy names to get you started.



Unique Names For A Baby Boy


  • Ace -The meaning of the christian name Ace is “the beginning” or “highest rank”.


  • Alden – The name has a variety of meanings, but most commonly it is thought to mean “old friend” or “old and wise friend.


  • Arlo – The name Arlo is a variation of the name Arthur, which means “rock” or “protector.” Arlo has come to be used as an independent name.


  • Arvin – Arvin is a common Armenian name that means “he who does good deeds.” The name Arvin can be found in Armenia, Iran, and Russia.


  • Atticus -Atticus is a male name that is composed of the Latin word “attici,” which means, “pertaining to one’s mother,” and a shortened version of the Greek word “eptikos,” meaning, “favorable.” This is typically a name given to boys born in the month of May who are seen as very kind and caring.


  • Axel – The name “Axel” is of German origin and derives from the Old Norse word “axáll” which means “worthy of awe.” The name can be interpreted as meaning “courageous warrior who deserves awe.


  • Beck – Beck is a surname of English origin, meaning “a clearing in the woods where there are beech trees”. The name Beck is derived from the Old English word becce, which means “beech tree”.


unique names for a baby boy


  • Bodie – The name Bodie is of Old English origin, meaning “a dwelling place.”





  • Brodie – Brodie is a common given name that was originally an Anglo-Saxon surname, which means “ditch”. The surname can be traced to the Old English word for “brook” and the Celtic word for “spur of land”.


  • Brogan – Brogan is an Irish name coming from Brogain, which means “little hilly place.” The name is common in Ireland.
  • Casper – Casper is a male first name of Latin origin, derived from Casparus. Caspar was the Latin form of the Greek name Kaspários which means “treasurer” or “guardian of wealth and possessions”.


  • Colson – The name Colson, is believed to be a diminutive of the name Nicholas. It has been suggested that the name may have been derived from the Greek word “kalos,” meaning “good.” In the Bible, Saint Nicholas was known for spreading good cheer and gifts to children on Christmas Eve.


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  • Everett – Everett is a name that means strong and brave. It’s a Latin name meaning ‘strong man’.


  • Griffin – The word griffin (a creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle) derives from griffon via Old French. The name is adopted by Greeks for their guardian sphinxes, who are often depicted as having the head of a man, the body of a lion, and sometimes the wings of an eagle. Griffins were also said to be guardians of gold deposits in other legends.


  • Jair -The meaning of Jair is a Hebrew word, which means “enlightened” or “illuminated.”


  • Jonas – Jonas is a Biblical name that means “God has been gracious.” It is a variant of the Hebrew name Jonah which means “dove” and denotes a prophet who was swallowed by a giant fish.


  • Kellan – The meaning of the name Kellan is a derivative of an Anglo-Saxon word that loosely translates to “coal fire” and was most likely translated from the Gaelic word “ceallach.”


  • Landry – Landry is a name with the meaning of “land ruler”.


  • Lyle – Lyle is of Scottish or English origin. It is derived from the Norse word “lie,” meaning “lazy” or “slow.


  • Maverick – Maverick is a family name which comes from the French word meaning ‘fearless’ or ‘free-spirited’. It is also an American surname that became popular in the 19th century. The term is also used to refer to something that was done outside the norm, someone who is revolutionary, or someone who does not conform to society’s expectations.


  • Micah – Micah is a Hebrew name that means “Who is like god?


  • Otto – The name Otto is an old German name, and it means “brave” or “strong.” It was used by the royalty of Germany. It can also be used to mean “wealthy.


  • Quinn – The name Quinn is of Irish origin. It is an anglicized form of the Gaelic word “Mac Cuinn”, which means “son of Conn”. This would mean that the name was given to children who were born or adopted into the family of Conn.


  • Ryder – Ryder originates from the Old English “Rydere” meaning “horseman”.


  • Silas – Silas is a variation of the Latin name Silvanus, which means “of the forest” or “of the woodlands.” It is likely derived from the Greek word for “forest.”


  • Willis – The name Willis can be translated as “the son of William” from the Greek word, which means “will” or “desire.


  • Xavier – The name Xavier is derived from the Latin word “Exaverius” which means “to save.” It was given to a saint in the third century, but has become popular for its association with another saint, Francis Xavier.


  • Zayden – Zayden is a Hebrew name meaning “my gift” or “gift of God”. Zayden was derived from the Hebrew word, zedek, which is translated as “righteousness”. The name might also be interpreted to mean “he who seeks justice”.


  • Zaxton – Zaxton originated from the Old English word “zoce” or “zaice,” meaning dawn, or east. The name has also been interpreted as related to the Old Norse word “skáld,” meaning poet.


  • Zephyr – Zephyr is the embodiment of the west wind in Greek mythology. He is best known for his connection to the fountain Hippocrene, which was created when Zephyr, according to legend, blew forcefully on a rock producing jets of water.


You need to feel confident in choosing a name that you have a connection to. If you want to take a more traditional route, or go outside of the box for a unique baby boy name, these names are worth considering.


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Unique Names For A Baby Boy

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