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How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower can be extremely stressful, you want to give mom the best day you possibly can. Here is how to plan the perfect baby shower.


Planning A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is such a lovely time for a mom to be. Such wonderful memories, with family and friends at such an exciting time in her life.
If you are going to be hosting a baby shower then you have a lot to think about. Well done for taking on the task!
This  checklist will make sure you don’t forget anything, you plan the perfect baby shower, and hopefully ensure things will run smoothly. Remember, the secret is in the planning!

How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Budget – The first thing you need to do is to decided on a budget for your shower. How much you want to spend will determine everything else you do so it’s best to have a clear idea from the beginning.
Guest List – You will probably need to consult with the guest of honor on this one so nobody is missed. Having a clear idea of numbers is going to make your life easier when planning everything else. Make sure you have everyone’s names and contact details written down.
plan the perfect baby shower


Date – This is another one that is going to take a bit of discussion. You need to choose a date that is good for mom to be and those closest to her.
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Location – You now need to decide on a venue. You may want to host the shower in your own home but you may find it less hassle to book a venue.
If you are going to book somewhere then you need to make sure you book in plenty of time.
Once the location is settled be sure to find out if any extra tables and chairs are needed.
Theme – Choosing a theme for the baby shower can be tricky. There are so many different ideas out there and if the baby’s gender is not known then things can be more difficult. It might be a good idea to discuss this with the mom to be. She may have her own ideas or might just want something simple.
Invitations – There are quite a few options when it comes to sending invitations for the shower. You could send out e invites or use Facebook if all of your guests use it.
You could buy ready done paper invitations in keeping with your theme or you can order some personalized ones for that extra special touch.
Transportation For Mom To Be – Make sure you know how the guest of honor is going to travel to the baby shower. Is she going to drive there herself or do you need to organise someone to bring her.
Registry – If mom has a baby registry make sure the information is included in the invitations. This will help guests who are wondering what gift to buy.
Refreshments – You need to decide what kind of food and drink you are going to have. Are you going to have outside catering or make it yourself? There are lots of options here, you could serve lunch, afternoon tea or a simple buffet.
When planning the food make sure you take any special dietary requirements or allergies in to account.
Make sure you have all the tableware, cutlery, and napkins you will need.
Cake – If you aren’t a master baker then make sure you order the cake in plenty of time. You will need to decide on a design, taking the theme in consideration. Individual cupcakes can be a cute alternative and will save you cutting a slice for everyone.
plan the perfect baby shower




Flowers – If you want to use flowers as table centrepieces, or give some as a gift for mom to be then make sure you order with a florist in plenty of time.
Decorations – You will need to choose decorations for tables and walls that match your theme. These can include balloons, banners, lights, streamers, and table center pieces. If you wish to have personalized decorations don’t leave it too late to order them.
Place Cards – If you want to go for something a bit more formal you could design and print place cards. If design isn’t your thing you could have them done for you. Make sure you have a finalised guest list before you do this.
Music – Background music can be great for atmosphere. Make sure you have a playlist ready ahead of time. This could be related to the theme or simply a playlist of mom to be’s favorite music.
Party Games – Decide on what games you wish to play. This may depend on how many people are attending. There are lots of great ideas online if you are stuck. Make sure you have everything you need, including the prizes.
Photographs – It might be a good idea to nominate someone to be the photographer for the event or you could ask the guests to send you their photographs.
Mom to be will love having something to remember the day by. You could even have a photo book made for her as an extra gift.
Keep Tracks Of The Gifts – It is probably a good idea to have someone write down all the gifts and who they are from. Mom to be will be so overwhelmed there’s a chance she won’t remember and she will want to thank everyone.
Favors – Party favors are a great way to say thank you to the guests. Give each guest a favor as they leave. Here are some fantastic baby shower favor ideas.
The Clean Up – Unfortunately it has to be done. Make sure you have everything you need for the clean up. You will need plenty of garbage bags!
Delegate Tasks – Now all of that is a lot for one person. Enlist as many people as you can and delegate as much as possible. Make sure you keep a list of who is doing what and that everyone is clear on their task. This way nothing gets missed.
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How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

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