The best postpartum gifts for new moms
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The Best Postpartum Gifts For New Moms

It can be hard finding perfect postpartum gifts. Here are some of the best gift ideas for new moms that are guaranteed to make her feel special, loved and supported.


Struggling For Gift Ideas For New Moms?

If someone you love has just had a new baby you will want to get them the perfect gift. They have just been through a lot and you want to make them feel loved.

You want to get them something they will love, something special and unique but finding postpartum gifts isn’t always easy. 

When I had my babies I received a few gifts from close friends that were not for baby or from the registry. These gifts were just for me and meant so much.

These unique gift ideas are perfect for the new mama in your life and are sure to make her feel loved and supported.


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Postpartum Gifts For New Moms

So here we go with the best gift ideas for new moms.

Give Her A Coffee Fix

Mom is going to be very busy when her baby arrives, and may have a lot of sleepless nights to contend with. If she she’s a coffee drinker then she’s going to need her fix.

When I had my first baby my closest friend got me one of these coffee machines. It was kind of a joke, “you’re going to need it” gift, but it turned out to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

I’ve always been a self proclaimed coffee addict, and with too little sleep and far too little time it was a lifesaver. I just needed to pop in one of these pods and I got my fix.



Now the new mom also needs the perfect mug for her coffee fix. This mama bear mug is pretty, practical, and may be the first thing she  owns that has her new title.


This mom fuel mug is a great  idea because you can get her the fuel to go in it.  This gift pack of gourmet coffee is perfect for the coffee loving new mom. 



Help With Her Mom Education

Unfortunately moms do not automatically know everything when it comes to raising a baby. We all need a bit of guidance and support. Believe it or not I had never held a baby until I had my own. I was terrified, I didn’t know what I was going to do with this this tiny human who was relying on me for everything.


I got there in the end. All moms do but a bit of knowledge never did anyone any harm. There are some great books out there. Funny, engaging books that will remind the new mom that she is not alone.


These books are packed full of valuable information, hints, tips, and tricks to help mom survive her baby’s first year.



A Survival Kit In A Box

New mom gift boxes are a great idea. They are filled with goodies to help mom survive those first weeks after her baby is born.


There are a variety of gift boxes available. Girly, pamper boxes filled with manicure sets, face masks, and body lotions. There are also more practical boxes containing essential items for the postpartum mamma.




Help Her Preserve Treasured Memories 


Memory books like this one are a really thoughtful gift idea for new moms. They can record information about themselves and their partner, the birth, and all those important baby milestones.

The cool thing is that when baby is older mom can read it with them.


A new mom has so much that she wants to share with her baby. Precious memories, hopes and dreams, and a few funny stories! 

This pack of 12 letters allows mom to get it all down on paper for baby to read when they can. Each one comes with a prompt to get her started and can be sealed with a sticker.

If mom can wait that long they would make a perfect gift for an 18th or 21st birthday, or even when they go off to college.



Another great idea is this keepsake box. It come with little compartments for baby’s first tooth, and first lock of hair as well as all of the other precious items mom will want to keep.




 The best gifts for new moms



Help Her To Take Care Of Herself

New moms can be under a lot of stress. Caring for a newborn is hard work and it can be easy for mom to neglect herself. Self care is incredibly important, so why not give a gift to encourage mom to take care of herself.


Encourage mom to try a calming, stress free activity. Coloring is perfect as it can be picked up and put down again. It will allow mom to calm and focus even if its just for 5 or 10 minutes. A coloring book and pencils may seem like such a simple gift but they will allow mom to de-stress at the end of a busy day.



There are a huge amount of self care books out there, full of ideas for mom to relax and take time for herself. There are also some really good mindfulness exercises to help mom stay calm. This book of 5 minute mindfulness is perfect for the mama with very little time to spare.




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For The New Mom That Can’t Sleep 

Sleep can sometimes be a luxury when you have new baby at home. So some of best gift ideas for new moms are ones that help them to sleep better.

This gift box contains bath salts, massage lotion, soaps, and lavender spray. These are all natural products, perfect for soothing a new mom to sleep.



This weighted eye mask is filled with Microbeads to help promote restful sleep. It is also thought to help with insomnia, headaches, and migraines so mom can get the sleep she deserves.


For The Wine Loving Mama

If mom likes a glass of wine or 3 with friends then this will be the first time she can enjoy a drink in 9 months (care to be taken if breastfeeding).  There are loads of great wine gifts so you can help mom raise a glass to her  little one.

This has to be one of the most original gifts for new moms I’ve come across. These mommy milestone wine labels feature 6 important events from moms first year with baby. 

From first date night to baby’s first tantrum there’s something that all moms can relate to. Just buy moms favourite wine, pop on the label and you have the perfect gift whenever she reaches a milestone. You can pair it with this novelty wine glass, perfect for her first drink after baby.



I love this T-shirt, I’m probably going to drop a few hints before the next gift opportunity! T-shirts are also great for mom to wear postpartum as they are baggy and comfortable.


You Can’t Go Wrong With PJs

If you are really stuck for a gift for a new mom then loose comfy pjs will always be welcome. I’m not ashamed to say I lived in my for the first few weeks after I had my babies. The first few weeks postpartum can be painful and mom will need to be as comfortable as possible.


If mom has given birth in the colder months then a warm fleece robe is the perfect thing to complete the gift.


 There are some awesome postpartum gifts for new moms out there, I hope you found something she will love.


The Best Postpartum Gifts For New Moms


The best gift ideas for new moms

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