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6 Low Key Baby Shower Ideas For The No Fuss Mama

If you are looking for some baby shower alternatives. These low key baby shower ideas are super fun and also very easy to plan. They are perfect for the non-traditional mamma.


Are You Planning A Low Key Baby Shower?

It isn’t easy, there’s a lot to remember and you want it to be perfect for the mom to be as she gets ready to give birth.
If you are looking for ideas for a baby shower theme then you really need to take mom and her point of view into consideration. Does she like big crowds or would she prefer something small and intimate? Is a traditional  shower, with a cute theme, baby shower games and decorations really her thing? After all you want to give her a shower she is going to love.
Do you need some low key baby shower ideas? If you are looking for something a bit different and want to plan a low key baby shower then look no further. This list of unconventional baby shower ideas is perfect for moms with older kids, non traditional or no fuss moms.
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Low Key Baby Shower Ideas

So here we go with six simple baby shower ideas. These baby shower alternatives will give you some great ideas when planning a low key baby shower.

 A Diaper Shower

This practical baby shower theme is great for helping the mom to be stock up on diapers. Allocate each guest a size of diaper to bring as a gift. You could even send diaper shaped invitations.
An alternative to this is to have everyone bring a home cooked meal to store in the freezer. Then momma the family will be able to eat  for weeks after baby is born with no fuss.

low key baby shower ideas



The “Mom” Shower

You guessed it! This one is all about mom and is a really simple baby shower idea. Serve her favourite food and listen to her favourite music.
 Bring indulgent gifts for mom, like champagne, pamper baskets or a spa day. Chances are she will not be feeling her most glamorous so this will give her something to look forward to.

 Cool Colours

Step away from the traditional pale pinks, blues and lemons and try something a little bit different.
Monochrome baby showers are big right now, spots, stripes, you can even add a touch of gold to the colour scheme.
Other popular baby shower colour themes include purple, sage green, navy, and red.
Another popular trend is to have a theme that isn’t necessarily related to babies like a tropical, rustic or nautical theme.



  A Couples Shower

 This is a great baby shower alternative to the traditional female only theme. So this is pretty self explanatory. Why shouldn’t dad be celebrated too? Invite friends of both parents and have games and activities that will suit everyone.
 Couples showers tend to have a fun theme rather than cute colours and the food tends to be more substantial than at a traditional baby shower. low key baby shower games are optional of course.
 A barbecue is great idea for a couples baby shower. Another idea is to nominate half of the guests to buy a gift for mom and half for dad, still keeping it baby related of course.

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If you are planning a low key baby shower then this could be what you are looking for. Tone down the baby shower and throw a sprinkle instead. This one is the perfect simple baby shower ideas and is great for ladies who are not first time moms and have done the whole traditional baby thing.

Sprinkles are a very low key, more intimate version of a baby shower.

Usually involving just close family and friends, they are about everyone getting together, having a good chat and eating good food. Restaurants are the perfect venue for this.
Gifts can also be low key as the second or third time mom will usually have an awful lot of baby stuff already.
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An After Baby Shower

 Also called a sip & see, this one does exactly what it says on the tin. This is one is usually (but not always) planned by the parents.
 Throwing the baby shower after baby is born means, wine, cocktails and a chance to meet the new baby. Sip and See’s are usually pretty informal, with no set arrival time and a buffet is served so guests can help themselves.
 A lot of parents choose to throw these parties when the baby is a couple of months old. They feel much more prepared to receive guests when the chaos of the adjustment period is over.
 The emphasis is more on the food, drink and small talk than on party games and decorations.

If you are looking for simple baby shower ideas that are a bit different then these low key baby shower ideas could be just what you’re looking for.


low key baby shower ideas


 Low Key Baby Shower Ideas

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